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Fireball Tim’s MEGA-MINIS Books hits for Christmas!

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So excited that this book is finally here! MEGA-MINIS starts a series of volumes on design for film, TV and personal projects that have ranged since the 80’s. (Visit my Bookstore or it’s Available now HERE and available on Amazon this week!)

This book covers MINI COOPER CONCEPTS beginning in ’02 when I bought a Cooper S and it became the Mach 3. Over the next 7 years, I designed over 100 cars for Speed Channel’s STREET TUNER CHALLENGE, Toys, films and personal MINIS through the Fireballed Company including the World’s Fastest Drag Car, the M600 for MINIUSA. Lots of fun and over 50 pages of cool art.

I sincerely hope you guys enjoy this for the holidays. I put my heart into these designs and I hope to inspire those that love this little car with a creative power to make their own MINI outrageous. It’s a great gift for anyone into Minis.

BIG Thanks to everyone! 2015 will be filled with more.

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