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‘Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation’ and ‘Transporter Refueled’ Movie Trailers Pit BMW M3 and Audi S8 as Stars: Videos

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Naturally, car enthusiasts are drawn in by action-packed movies that feature new highly desired cars. That’s the case with the latest Mission Impossible movie dubbed ‘Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation’ and a restart of the Transporter films with ‘Transporter Refueled.’


First off, I will mention that the Mission Impossible movies are pretty good while the Transporter collaboration that feature Jason Statham, was at best good entertainment wrapped around some awesome German cars. In Tom Cruise’s latest movie, ‘Mission Impossible Rogue Nation’, we get to see the new BMW M3 in action alongside of some pretty awesome Italian bikes. The plot looks pretty solid, as it always is. On the flip side, the new Transporter Refueled film no longer has Jason Statham at the wheel of a new Audi S8. Instead, we have Ed Skrein bringing a different flare on screen. Take the films for their face value that you get from the trailers below, because that is all we have to judge them by for now.


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