European BMW M2, M3, & M4 Get Center-Locking Wheel Option, USA Vehicles Could See Option Soon

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BMW M enthusiasts in Europe now have an exciting option to enhance the performance and aesthetics of their M2, M3, and M4 models, as BMW introduces a new center-locking wheel design through its Performance parts lineup. This addition not only injects a racing-inspired flair into these iconic models but also caters to the practical needs of track enthusiasts who prioritize quick and easy wheel swaps.

The design of these wheels draws inspiration from the limited-edition M4-based 3.0 CSL unveiled in 2022, showcasing a sleek black finish with a center-locking nut reminiscent of the heritage-laced coupe’s gold-accented counterparts. Specifically engineered to seamlessly fit the current-generation variants of the M2, M3, the Europe-exclusive M3 Touring, as well as the coupe and convertible M4s, these wheels add a touch of sophistication to the performance-driven vehicles.

Measuring 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the rear, the lightweight forged wheels boast a Y-spoke design and feature a subtle milled “M Performance” logo. They come equipped with 275/35 ZR19 front tires and 285/30 ZR20 rear tires, contributing to the overall dynamic performance of the vehicles. However, tightening these wheels requires a robust effort, with the central screw needing to be torqued to an impressive 685 pound-feet to securely hold the wheel in place.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the center-locking wheels serve a functional purpose by reducing rotating masses, aligning with BMW M’s commitment to enhancing performance. While these wheels are set to become available for purchase in Europe soon, BMW has not yet disclosed pricing details.

Unfortunately for enthusiasts in the United States, the wheels are not currently offered, but BMW may make them available in the U.S. market by 2024.


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