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In Pictures: A Visit To The Lane Motor Museum

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During my time with Nissan visiting their remarkable #1 volume-output-in-the-nation plant located in Smyrna, TN, I took time out with some Nissan executives to tour the Lane Motor Museum.


In my time I have had the fortunate opportunity to visit a few automotive museums, always captivated by the eclectic collection that some owners can amass over many years of fortunate circumstances. The Lane Motor Museum, following much of that same expression thanks in part to the owner Jeff Lane, has a vast collection of eccentric vehicles from all over the world.


Nestled inside of a well-known Nashville, TN landmark, what used to be a Sunbeam Bakery starting in 1951, the outfit now houses Lane’s collection on the main floor while there is a vast “under works” and stored away collection of vehicles in the basement. Additionally, many of Nissan’s Heritage Collection can be found at the Museum, as you can vividly see in the images here.

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Specializing in many European vehicles, some of which brought a harmonizing recollection to many movies and foreign films I have witnessed during my lifetime, the Lane museum continues to maintain the vehicles on display in proper running order. Some of the vehicles, such as the funky Dymaxion replica, locals have seen on display at the previous Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance show.


If you are ever in the Nashville area and are looking for something apart from the astonishing music history to take a gander at, please stop by the Lane Motor Museum and tell them Malcolm from sent you.




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