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Not All Wheels are Created Equal – Many of your Aftermarket Wheel Questions Answered: Video

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There are countless wheel types out on the market and attempting to decipher the differences and determine which ones are the best sometimes proves to be more difficult than completing a doctoral dissertation. Sure, some aftermarket wheels look really awesome but some lack the reliability of most OEM wheels, let alone perform at a level that you trust on occasional track days or going over those downtown potholes.

HRE Wheels, one of the leading aftermarket wheel companies, explains in the video below about the development and implementation of wheels and some of the small and major differences in construction processes. There are advantages and disadvantages of different wheels, ie: Forged wheels are stronger and more durable than cast wheels, though forged wheels tend to cost quite a bit more. Check out what HRE Wheels CEO, Alan Peltier has to say about it all. It may help you on your next wheel purchase. Enjoy!


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