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New Handy Auto Tool in The Garage: Audew Battery Booster Portable Car Jump Starter

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Being fortunate enough to own multiple vehicles comes with the unfortunate lack of time to drive them all. With such, many of my cars tend to lose their battery charge if I forget to take the time out to hook them to one of my many battery tender trickle chargers that actively ensure each car battery is charged and ready to start whichever car I decide to drive. Fortunately, there are many advanced tools to utilize to jump-start any vehicle that has lost its ability to start from a weak battery. I was able to check out one of many available portable battery booster and car jump starter units. The latest in my arsenal is the Audew 13800mAh Battery Booster 500A Portable Car Jump Starter that comes in handy to jump-start a somewhat depleted battery from such a small unit.

The Audew Portable Car Jump Starter has many benefits outside of only jump-starting an engine up to a 5-liter V8 or a 3-liter Diesel engine. It can act as a portable charger for a multitude of devices through one of its dual USB ports with the supporting Apple iPod, lighting iOS device connector, and micro-USB device cable. Additionally, the unit can supply vehicle power through the cigarette lighter or receive a charge from such.

With the built-in protection units and a smart chip, load balancing appears to keep most devices supplied with the proper voltage and wattage. I had no issues in providing a charge for my iPhone X, and trickle charge for my daughter’s new iPad Mini, and I was still able to fully-charge one portable Bluetooth speaker.

More information on the latest Audew Battery Booster and Portable Car Jump Starter unit (13800mAh version) can be found here.


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