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JumpSmart Portable Vehicle Jump-Starter Comes in Handy for Our Many Cars

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At Automotive Addicts, we tend to keep battery chargers on hand for those times that one of our many cars may have a dead battery and we need to jump the vehicle. Most times, we keep our vehicles on a battery tender but the countless press vehicles that we get can sometimes get a dead battery due to an accessory being left on or the vehicle having issues being a pre-production model. For those rare occasions, we have a portable JumpSmart device handy, which has just enough power to jump start most of the vehicles that we get. Moreover, the JumpSmart Portable Vehicle Jump Starter includes a USB charging port and an exceptionally-bright LED flashlight.

There are many products out there that fit the bill for a portable Jump starter but we highly recommend the Limitless Innovations JumpSmart product as we have had one for over a year and it still fully charges and was able to recently jump one of our compact SUVs when the battery went dead. We say this to promote such a product because we’ve tried other similar devices and they have failed us, even during the recent hurricane when we needed it most to charge up a few of our USB devices when we had a power outage and preferred not to utilize the generator’s inconsistent power output. The quality of the JumpSmart Portable Vehicle Jump Start that you see here is evident in its thick aluminum casing.

The JumpSmart Portable Vehicle Jump Starter with its robust 37000 mWh battery, wall charger, car jumper cables, and bright LED flashlight, retails for $111.99 and can be found at many online stores, including the manufacturer’s Limitless Innovations store.


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