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Storing the Ford Focus RS with a Car Cover from EmpireCovers

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I’m fortunate enough to have many vehicles of my own and from my company to drive. One particular vehicle that I haven’t had much seat-time in throughout the first half of this year is our Ford Focus RS.

Storing the Focus RS over several weeks to a couple of months at a time has left me with a quite dusty vehicle from our garage. To not only protect the Focus RS from dust due to long storage periods but to prevent other elements from spoiling that eye-popping Nitrous Blue paint job is the job of a decent car cover that you don’t have to worry about scratching the surface. Such a duty is the job of EmpireCovers providing their latest Titan 5-Layer Cover, which is good for indoor and outdoor protection.

We’ve tried in the past with spectacular results in protecting a BMW M3 of ours. However, the recent product sent to us for our Focus RS was much larger due to the high roof-line of the RS’ hatch and need to wrap around the spoiler. Fortunately, EmpireCovers has us covered, literally without much of a hassle considering the cover has the proper tie-down straps and buckle system and is breathable, UV resistant, and waterproof. The soft lining was also an added benefit to lessen our worry about the Focus RS being scratched, even if it did have a little dust on it before covering the vehicle.

EmpireCovers has been in the business of providing vehicle covers for many years, and their quality and experience shows in the products that they offer. Be sure to visit them and check out the latest collection of vehicle covers for cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, and even jet skis.


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