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Our Automotive Addicts Shelby GT350 Gets the Proper Car Cover

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I often find myself struggling with the idea of washing my car and then allowing it to sit in the garage, collecting dust. Most times, I don’t allow dust to collect because I value the time that I find to break out my many vehicles on the open road or hit a local track. When it comes to storing away some of my vehicles, mainly my Shelby GT350, a car cover comes in handy for a few reasons. For one, after a fresh wash, I don’t have to worry about repeating such an event when its protected by the latest car cover supplied through our long-time partner American Muscle.

American Muscle, an essential source for many Mustang and performance vehicle parts, was kind enough to allow us to try out their latest TruShield Custom-Fit car cover. The cover, specially designed for the newest Mustang, including our Shelby GT350, fit nearly like a glove without the need to tie down the cover. The built-in elastic areas nicely tucked under the front and rear splitters while the pockets for the mirrors assisted in getting the cover properly fitted to the vehicle.

There isn’t much to complain about with such a car cover, its moisture, dust and UV resistant, has the proper felt-like material areas to cover the grommets for optional tie-downs, it forms to the contour of the GT350, and it incorporates a four-layer synthetic fabric that doesn’t look to cause any scratches like the poor OEM GT350 car cover does from Ford.


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