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2019 Mercedes-AMG E63S Wagon Review & Test Drive

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There are people that you’re going to encounter that always want to do things differently from everyone else. These are the people who shy away from the status quo, those who sometimes stand out in a crowd or have an odd outlook on life. Such people also drive wagons and would be just the right type to acquire a new Mercedes-AMG E63S Wagon, a vehicle that I adorn because maybe I too am a little different, but that’s not always a bad thing.

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The new 2019 Mercedes-AMG E63S Wagon is a rarity that you’re probably never going to see on a Mercedes-Benz lot, let alone see one in the wild on the streets of your home city. If you want such a car, you’re going to have to custom order it.

If you ever do see an E63S Wagon, don’t assume anything or race it up to the speed limit. Matter of fact, never doubt that the E63S Wagon is slow by any means because it’s far from the stereotypical mold of a wagon, it’s more like a ‘superwagon’ eager to tackle National Lampoons Vacation in style and speed, much more speed and g-forces than you get from Wally World rollercoasters.

Mercedes’ AMG outfit doesn’t mess around, and the days of the E-class wagon have returned with a vengeance to conquer most thanks to a 603-horsepower and 629 lb-ft of torque BiTurbo V8 engine thrusting power to all four wheels through a 9-speed automatic transmission and a 4Matic system that can now decouple the front wheels to power just the rears to smoke the rear tires on command in its trick Drift mode. This isn’t your grandfather’s wagon by any stretch of the imagination, it’s more like the AMG GT for the family and dogs ready to make it to Wally World faster than Clark Griswold ever imagined. Clark would have more time to play with (and embarrass) that Ferrari, for sure!

Mercedes doesn’t sell many wagons, at least when you compare the crazy sales numbers of their many crossover utility vehicles of today. Though, the E Class wagon in its AMG form gives you just about everything that two-row crossovers dish out but with a lower-slung body, the stability that you expect from a hot-rodded performance sedan, and equally sized cargo room. Sure, wagons had their heyday, and you would be hard pressed to find a new wagon on the streets. However, Mercedes is more on the side of not giving a darn by offering us few oddballs something that we want, a wagon with a serious punch.

The serious punch from the AMG E63S Wagon that you get is one that launches you to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds thanks to an engine that’s found in the brand’s fastest cars. If you want, you can have your cake and eat it too with the stately versatility found in the AMG E63S Wagon, a vehicle you could perhaps convince the wife that your family needs. After all, it’s a vehicle that can take the kids to school, make grocery runs, serve as the family vacation vehicle, and satisfy your jollies with rear-wheel-powered drifts and occasional track days.

Conforming to all that the E Class has to offer, the E63S Wagon is that and a bit more due to its rear cargo area. You can fundamentally “haul it” all in the E63S Wagon.

Essentially, there’s nothing about the way the E63S Wagon drives that gives away its larger rear-end. It drives just like a performance sedan should. It’s the ultimate sleeper that doesn’t give away its secret until someone finds out ‘quickly’ that whatever is under that nicely sculpted aluminum hood is a monster. From the AMG-inspired adaptive air suspension system that lowers slightly for just enough of a low center of gravity edge, to its snarling exhaust in Sport+ or Race mode that gives pause to onlookers, the E63S Wagon means business and delivers.

The Mercedes-AMG E63S Wagon, as you may guess, doesn’t come cheap. My test vehicle’s price tag of just over $120,000 seems like a lot, but in some ways, it really isn’t. Hear me out here: The E63S Wagon, due to all that it offers by the way of tech with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto beautifully displayed on one of the 12.3 inch screens, a massive active safety blanket of features, several luxury amenities including those remarkable AMG seats with massaging and active bolsters, 64 cubic feet of cargo space, all-wheel-drive, and the BiTurbo V8 engine, such a vehicle serves multiple duties in a family quite well. For all intents and purposes, the E63S Wagon could be your luxury cruiser, utility vehicle, and sports car all in one.

Kudos to Mercedes for giving people what they didn’t ask for, except for us odd ones who like to take the roads less traveled – and travel them at ludicrous speeds with family and cargo in tow.

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