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7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Car’s Engine

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The engine of each car is basically its “heart”, for this reason to perform with a good daily maintenance will extend its life time, for this reason, you as a mechanic should advise the public well in this regard.

That said, here are some items on the care you should advise your customers to take care of their car, and thus help them extend the useful life of it by offering an added value to your services.

1. Changing cables and spark plugs

The first thing you should suggest to them is changing spark plugs and wires. As you know, the electricity that passes through the wires goes from the distributor to the spark plug to generate the spark that ignites the mixture of air and gasoline in the combustion chamber. But the condition of the cables, whether due to wear or age, can affect this process and prevent the engine from starting or costing it to combust.

To prevent this from happening, it is best to change the cables and spark plugs to allow the above process to be carried out normally says the owner of transmission repair St Louis MO

2. Change of fuel filter

Another tip for your customer is the replacement of the fuel filter, since over time it accumulates particles or even impurities that affect the operation of the engine. The use of a new filter allows the fuel to flow cleanly and the engine can burn it more easily.

3. Paying attention to dashboard lights

It goes without saying that dashboard lights signal the status of each vehicle system, so it’s very important to pay attention to those that are on, whether it’s the check engine light, battery light, oil pressure or engine temperature. If any of them is on, it is best to perform a service to identify the cause of the problem.

4. Maintain the fuel tank with an advisable level of gasoline.

In order to avoid that the sediments of the old gasoline, that are seated in the bottom of the tank, can cause some internal damage in the engine the most advisable thing is to load gasoline before the level is below the quarter of tank. In this way the residues will not reach the engine.

5. Keeping the engine leak-free

It is very important for the vehicle user to check if the car has any oil or coolant leaks, as this situation can cause the engine hoses to fail due to the intense heat and pressure they receive.

If this happens, you should check the condition of the hoses, which do not have grooves or are deteriorated by use, because the leaks of some of these liquids can cause them to be below the proper level and thus generate wear to the engine and consequently damage.

6. Keeping the motor ventilated and cooled

For a correct functioning, the most advisable thing is to maintain an adequate ventilation for a good combustion process. The air filter is in charge of keeping the engine properly ventilated, avoiding the accumulation of impurities and dirt. For this reason it is very important to change it regularly to keep it clean. On the other hand, in order to prevent the engine from overheating, a good coolant must be available to keep the temperatures at adequate levels.

2019 gmc sierra at4 performance intake

7. Changing the oil regularly

Finally, and perhaps one of the most important aspects for the care of the engine, is the change of oil frequently, which allows a good lubrication of its components. Having clean, fresh oil will also prevent the engine from overheating and wear. The regular periods to change this vital element can vary according to the type of engine (synthetic or mineral). In general, every 5 thousand or 8 thousand kilometers, according to the specification of each vehicle, it is necessary to make the change.

With these tips not only help your customers extend the durability of the engine, but also generate confidence when sending their car to repair with you.


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