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Keyless Remotes and Their Deadly Dangers

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The keyless remote for your vehicle is a convenience that most people could not do without.  These devices make it so easy to operate many features of our vehicle at the push of a button.  Unfortunately, with that ease of use comes some potential dangers that everyone should be aware of.

Automobiles and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

While it may seem difficult to imagine, people die every year as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning from automobiles.  This can happen for a few different reasons, but the most common is allowing a vehicle to run inside an enclosed space, such as a garage.  As the vehicle runs, it emits carbon monoxide, or CO.  As everyone should know, CO can be deadly as it is breathed into the body.

Running your automobile inside your garage puts you at great risk.  Even with the garage door open, the carbon monoxide cannot properly escape the space.  As the car runs, more and more CO is produced, so the garage starts to become filled with the deadly gas.  Especially in homes with an attached garage or basement garage, the carbon monoxide begins to fill the living space as well.

Since carbon monoxide is odorless, people are often not aware of the danger of this situation.  Once CO begins filling the home, it can turn deadly very quickly.  As the CO is breathed into the lungs, the body becomes deprived of oxygen and cannot survive very long in that state.

How Keyless Remotes Increase the Danger

As previously mentioned, keyless remotes make things very simple.  We can lock or unlock our vehicles without even thinking.  Just push the button, and it happens.  This can potentially be very dangerous when it comes to the remote start function on your device.

People often start their vehicle to allow it time to warm up without even thinking about it.  If that vehicle is inside a garage or, in some cases, parked too close to the home, carbon monoxide can begin to enter the home.  People often begin doing other things to prepare to leave, and they can forget the vehicle is still running.  When they finally remember, it could be nearly too late!

Tips to Avoid Danger

There are many ways that you can avoid the danger associated with your keyless remote and carbon monoxide poisoning.  When you start your vehicle, set a timer so that you don’t forget it’s running.  However, the most important thing to remember is never start your vehicle and allow it to idle while it is inside. Keep in mind it is possible to start some cars from the remote which can happen unknowingly in your pocket. Be sure to replace key fob batteries regularly.  If you always move the vehicle outside and away from the home first, then you can avoid most of the danger.

My Car has No Audible Alarm, Now What?

Don’t worry, you are not alone.  Vehicles today do not include carbon monoxide detectors because these detectors are somewhat fragile devices.  They cannot hold up to extreme temperatures.  If your car is in proper working order, and you follow the tips described above, you should have no need for an audible alarm in the vehicle.

If, however, you feel that CO may be entering the vehicle because of a faulty exhaust system or something similar, you can always place a battery-operated CO detector in the car.  This will allow you to determine whether CO is present as the car is running.  Be mindful of your ears though…the alarm will be very loud inside the vehicle!


While keyless remotes make our lives easy, don’t let their ease of use lull you into a false sense of security. They are not completely without risks and danger.  Take this advice and never allow your car to idle inside your garage.  Be mindful and responsible, and you should not have any issues when it comes to using your keyless remote.


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