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California Invades Frankfurt, Hamann Victorious

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Fear not Americans.  This invasion is not Normandy-esque, our M1 Garands and MG 42s are still locked up, there is no beach, and the only injuries sustained are from jaws hitting display stands on the floor of the Frankfurt Motor Show.  Ferrari is making a strong showing this year with their new California being displayed in silver with a stunning red leather interior.  We have discussed this car at length and shown you videos in a previous article located here.

World class auto tuners Hamann brought their show stopping iteration of the California to Frankfurt as well.  Upping the power by 20% via proper engine management and a custom designed exhaust system should make those yearning for more horsepower satiated with rev happy delight. While adding front and rear spoilers, side skirts, a carbon fibre hood, and a rear diffuser to increase grip and handling to make this front engined Ferrari perform more like its mid-engined counterparts.  While the production California is an acquired taste, Hamann’s take appears much sportier, and may, (dare I say?) even be easy to look at.

More to come as our Frankfurt Coverage continues.


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