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Product Review: BedRug’s BedTred Impact Bed Mat fits Automotive Addicts’ new 2020 RAM 1500 Laramie Crew Cab Perfectly

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ram 1500 bed mat liner

We recently took delivery of the BedTred Impact Bed Mat made by BedRug. For this review, we installed it into a 2020 RAM 1500 Laramie Crew Cab. BedRug has been known for its innovative design, outstanding quality, and their ability to be in touch with what truck owners want in a bed liner. The Impact Bed Mat is fine example of those attributes. At first glance, the Impact Bed Mat has a textured look, very similar to a spray in liner. It is made of an Anti-skid TPO composite surface. This liner can be used in trucks with or without a spray in liner. The mat features a ¾” padded underlayment that makes hopping into the bed of the truck a nice relief, especially for your knees! This padded underlayment is notched to fit the existing grooves in your trucks bed floor. This allows the liner to give you a flat surface once installed. The mat is both chemical, and stain resistant making it as easy to clean as easy as it is to install.

Included for installation were plenty hook and loop fasteners and adhesion wipes to get the job done. One tip we found that was very helpful, was to lay the mat out on a flat surface in the sun for 30 minutes to help it unroll from the packaging. Once the mat has been sitting in the sun for a while, it is as easy as picking it up and unrolling it right into the bed of your truck. The mat adheres to the bed floor via the hook and loop fasteners which are strategically placed on the back of the mat to ensure your mat does not slide and provides, what looks to be, years of the mat and your cargo staying in place. The fit and finish of the mat is terrific!

ram 1500 bed mat liner

The Impact Bed Mat not only covers the bed floor, but also provides protection for the tailgate. This is done seamlessly by incorporating an integrated tailgate gap guard which keeps dirt and dust out of the truck bed. If you are looking for an easy to install, easy to clean mat that provides protection to the bed floor and tailgate and can be installed on top of your spray in liner or simply added to the stock bed floor, look no further! BedRug has once again shown why they are an innovative leader in the bed aftermarket truck accessory market. For the best service and price, be sure to contact American Trucks (1-888-706-1096) and visit their site, For the Enthusiast, by the Enthusiast!


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