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BMW M3 Recalled Due to DCT Transmission Issue

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Okay, so this is very reminiscent of the big recall BMW had on the previous generation E46 BMW M3 for a rod bearing in the years 2001 to 2003.5. Now all new BMW M3’s with a DCT Transmission have been recalled which tally’s to about 2500 cars. Although this is not near as big as the E46 recall, many enthusiasts who purchased or ordered a new BMW M3 with the DCT Transmission will now have “that feeling” in their gut on whether or not this car is “reliable”. The issue occurs when the car is in a near panic stop/breaking. The transmission will attempt to downshift several times to the point where it causes the engine to stall. The good news about this recall is that it is resolved with a software update. You would think that automakers would get the DCT/Dual Clutch setup right by now; it is not as if about half of the automakers are coming out with their own version of a dual clutch setup.

Oh look… it’s the new iDrive controller next to the DCT shifter. Wheew!


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