Tesla Recalling Most Cybertrucks Over Windshield Wiper & Exterior Trim Issues

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Tesla has announced a recall affecting the majority of Cybertrucks in the United States due to problems with their windshield wipers and exterior trim. This recall, encompassing over 11,000 vehicles, marks another challenge for the futuristic truck, which is slated for mass production next year. The company has yet to reveal the number of trucks delivered to consumers in its recent quarterly report.

The Cybertruck, which began deliveries in November 2023, has faced numerous production hurdles and delays. Elon Musk himself likened the process to “digging its own grave.” According to analyst Troy Teslike, the current recall affects more than 70% of all Cybertrucks produced, adding to the list of quality control issues plaguing the model. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notes that Tesla has already issued four recalls for the 2024 Cybertruck.

The specific issue with the windshield wipers involves the motor controller, which has been failing due to excessive electrical current. This defect, affecting 11,688 Cybertrucks from the 2024 model year, could significantly increase the risk of accidents in wet weather conditions. The recall includes all trucks manufactured up to June 6. Tesla plans to replace the defective wiper motors after identifying early failures in a sample of 20 motors recovered in February.

In addition to the wiper problem, Tesla is also recalling 11,383 Cybertrucks due to improperly attached trunk bed trim sail appliques. These appliques, if loose, can pose a road hazard. Tesla began investigating this issue in December after discovering it in an undelivered truck, and found additional instances in customer vehicles by May. The problem was traced to improper installation of the appliques or adhesive failure. Tesla’s service teams will address this issue by applying an adhesion promoter and pressure-sensitive tape, or replacing the missing trim at no cost to the owners.

Earlier in April, Tesla recalled nearly 4,000 Cybertrucks to fix a loose accelerator pedal pad that could become lodged in the interior trim. While many Tesla recalls are typically resolved through over-the-air software updates, these latest issues require physical repairs.

As Tesla works to rectify these problems, it continues to prepare for the full-scale production of the Cybertruck, hoping to overcome these setbacks and meet the high expectations set for this innovative vehicle.


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