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Why Are Used Cars So Expensive Right Now?

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Preowned cars are at an all-time high throughout the nation. As the demand for vehicles continues to rise prices will increase. People have been given the opportunities to return to work so the demand for transportation has increased. Whenever demand for an item increases, the cost will rise. It is a basic concept of supply and demand.

Several factors are contributing to the increase. Some experts and news reporters, such as CNN, claim that overall prices have increased by 30% or more. The people that state this also say that an end to prices increases is on the horizon, and a decline is inevitable. It could be within the year, or over the span of the next couple of years.

Three main issues have been linked to the increase in used vehicle prices. All of them loop back to inflation and the economy.

  1. Pandemic-Covid-19 hit the country like a wrecking ball. It was once standard practice for people to leave their homes to go to school, work, shopping, or any sort of recreational activity. As the dangers of covid spread, more and more areas of the nation were put in lockdown. The demand for vehicles to use for transportation declined, and owners were no longer selling their cars and trucks off to get newer versions. As things start to open back up, and people return to work, demand has spiked back up. Owners are still not selling as much, though, because of the uncertainties of the pandemic. This makes the demand higher than the supply. The result of this is higher costs to buyers.
  2. New Cars-Some research has shown that used cars can cost more than the sticker price of a new version. You probably wonder how this is possible and why people don’t just opt for new then. The answer is simple. There is currently a shortage in the production of computer chips that are being used in new vehicles. The ability to produce less makes it hard for car manufacturers to keep the dealers stocked with vehicles. When it comes to various choices offered to consumers, the options are very limited, and they will not be able to offer you everything that you want. Preowned vehicles, on the other hand, can be found that will match your needs.
  3. Used Cars-Used dealers, and private owners, have jumped at the change to raise the profit margins. The impact of the pandemic, and the economy, has allowed them to raise prices. As demand continues to rise, the supply will continue to decrease. As a rule, people will panic buy. This means that they will pay higher prices for things that they feel will be needed in the future. Employers are hiring with greater frequency, increasing the need for transportation. Consumers have seen, and heard, about the shortage of vehicles available which means they will get what they can. And they will pay more money for the same vehicles that would have been half the cost before the pandemic hit.

The bottom line is that demand outweighs the supply. As prices continue to soar people will be forced to overpay. Sellers will continue to raise prices if buyers are willing to fork out the money. It becomes an endless cycle of supply and demand. Consumers need the vehicles to get around. Dealers offer vehicles to consumers at the highest prices that they can get. Logically, the fastest way to end the rise of the cost would be for the public to stop buying them. In the real world, though, this is not possible.


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