Used Electric Vehicle Prices Falling Faster than Gas-Powered Models

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Recently, iSeeCars conducted a comprehensive study on the pricing trends of used electric vehicles (EVs) compared to their gas-powered counterparts, revealing a significant shift in market dynamics. According to their findings, used EV prices have undergone a remarkable decline, surpassing the rate at which prices for used gas vehicles have dropped. Over the past year, EV prices have plummeted by nearly 30 percent, contrasting sharply with the more modest 3 to 7 percent decrease observed in gas car prices during the same period.

Karl Brauer, executive analyst at iSeeCars, highlighted the pronounced depreciation in EV values, noting a decline of between 30 and 40 percent since mid-2023. This contrasts starkly with the relatively stable pricing of gas cars, which experienced only marginal fluctuations. Brauer pointed out that this shift has erased any previous premium that used EVs held over gas models, reflecting a growing consumer sentiment where electric powertrains are perceived as detractors rather than assets.

Despite a brief uptick in late 2023, used EV prices took a steep dive earlier this year, continuing their downward trajectory. In contrast, used gas car prices showed a more resilient performance during the same period. This disparity underscores a current buyer preference favoring traditional gas-powered vehicles due to concerns over EV infrastructure and battery longevity.

For prospective buyers eyeing the used car market, this presents a favorable opportunity to consider purchasing an EV. With dealer inventories facing challenges in moving used EVs due to consumer skepticism, knowledgeable buyers can capitalize on competitive pricing for models with relatively low mileage. This market trend not only signals a potential bargain for savvy shoppers but also reflects broader shifts in consumer attitudes and market dynamics within the automotive industry.


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