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Is There A Tire Dress/Tire Shine That Lasts A Long Time And Doesn’t Sling?

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Tire shine or tire dressings are an essential part of detailing your vehicle giving your tires just the right look without being overly thick and greasy, in addition to avoiding that unwanted sling of the product onto your paint.

Fortunately, there’s TopCoat TireDress, which was developed by auto enthusiasts who understand the letdowns of countless tire shine products that were either too glossy, too thick and greasy, and slung onto their recently-washed and protected vehicle finish. No one wants their tire shine to be slung all over the paint just after they washed the vehicle! Moreover, you want your tire shine to last a long time and not wear off in a few days or wash off with light rain.

TireDress Tire Shine

Tire dressings and shine chemicals come in a wide variety of types and consistencies with many of them having the unfortunate effects of not lasting a long time and causing unwanted sling of the product onto your vehicle’s paint. TopCoat TireDress addresses these issues and gives your treated tires a natural deep black look. The medium shine from using TopCoat TireDress is just the right balance to make your tires stand out along with your recently cleaned wheels.

How To Apply TopCoat TireDress

Application of TopCoat TireDress is quick and easy, just apply the product to an applicator pad or small microfiber cloth and wipe the tire sidewall. If you get any of the TireDress product on your wheel, that is okay. Just take another clean microfiber towel and wipe the TireDress product off the wheel as needed. Don’t worry about the TireDress product slinging onto your vehicle, especially if you have wiped it thoroughly. The TireDress product is designed not to clump up or bulk up leaving a greasy surface to sling onto other surfaces when you drive.

Buy TireDress Now

TopCoat TireDress is available on our Store for $29.95. There are exclusive offers that you may take advantage of NOW to get a discount. Please visit our store or go directly to the TireDress product to check for special discounts or deals.


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