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An Electric Corvette Is Coming Following a Hybrid Corvette Very Soon

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2022 chevrolet corvette stingray convertible 3lt

Automotive electrification is something that is coming and will be more mainstream than we think – sooner than we think. With that, there will be a new Electrified Chevrolet Corvette coming to us “just after” the release of a Hybrid Corvette in 2023. Yes, Chevrolet along with GM’s President Mark Reuss confirmed the news of an electric Corvette coming to us following a hybrid Corvette that will launch as early as 2023.

The news of an electric Corvette comes as GM plans on releasing a hybrid Corvette first and we should have details of such very soon. Until then, we can speculate that the new Corvette hybrid could have somewhere around 670 horsepower or more, which is the current figure for the all-new Corvette Z06.

With the news of a Corvette hybrid and fully electric version coming down the pipeline we can it is possible that the C8 Corvette Z06 with its revolutionary 670-horsepower flat-plane-crank 5.5-liter V8 engine will be the very last of a naturally aspirated V8 engine for General Motors. Though, Reuss says GM plans on selling gas-burning Corvettes alongside of the electric version, once that arrives. So, with that said, do you think there could be another run at a fully-gas version of the Corvette or is the Z06 the last of the gas greats? We’re betting on the latter, so get your order in while you can!


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