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Tavarish Takes on Challenge of Resurrecting $2M Flooded McLaren P1

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Automotive YouTubers are really, really, dumb. No, really, they are, Tavarish (Freddy Hernandez) said so in his latest video (below), explaining how he made a “really, really, dumb” purchase on the famous flooded McLaren P1. Yes, that yellow 2014 McLaren P1, the one that many of you saw in the dreadful images of it floating away in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in south Florida.

There’s no doubt that our favorite automotive YouTubers are quite entertaining, and some we give massive praise for taking on unimaginable automotive projects. And no, before you say anything, we’re only kidding, they are not really dumb. Tavarish, among many, are quite savvy for being one of several YouTubers known for taking “damaged” vehicles and fixing them to the point that it gives us automotive enthusiasts unbashful envy. In doing so, these clever folks have saved countless dollars to obtain and fix many of their favorite and dream cars.

The McLaren P1 is a modern marvel and a mark in automotive history that pivoted the ultra-performance segment, aptly known as the hypercar segment. Featuring 903 horsepower in a hybrid powertrain, the P1 was considered one of the holy trinity of hypercars, alongside the Porsche 918 and Ferrari LaFerrari. In such a realm, you must have nearly $2 million to shell over for such a vehicle today (originally priced about $1.3 million new), but Tavarish has other plans to hopefully undercut that price by buying a flood-damaged McLaren P1.

In Tavarish’s latest project, he’s bit off quite a lot in going through the process of obtaining the flooded McLaren P1. He has set out to repair the multi-million-dollar hypercar to get it running again and make it his own. Check out the beginnings of his adventure of seeing this McLaren P1 for the first time and sharing a journey many of us will follow for the months (or maybe years?) to come.

How bad does salt water damage a vehicle and how much will it cost to fix this P1? You’re about to find out.


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