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It’s On Now! – BMW M3 GTS At The Racetrack!

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This is what it what the BMW M3 GTS is made for, the track! The guys at are busy posting new videos of the BMW M3 GTS and they are spectacular!

Last week we brought you images and information on the baddest creation to come from the Bavarian Motor Werks’ stable, the BMW M3 GTS. Although it is rumored as a vehicle that will never hit US shorelines, it has capture the attention of automotive enthusiasts all over the world.

The a lightweight build composed of a 450hp 4.4-liter V8, M-DCT dual clutch 7-speed transmission and an upgraded “race” suspension setup, makes the M3 GTS is a remarkable accomplishment in taking the E92 M3 to a whole new level. Its not about brute horsepower here, but more along the lines of what BMW is known for, a true driving machine that handles like no other.

Enjoy the newest “track” videos of the BMW M3 GTS below!


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