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Heffner Performance Lamborghini LP560 Twin Turbo w/Video

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Turbos, meet Lamborghini, Lamborghini, meet turbos! After the official introduction, Heffner Performance, based out of Sarasota, Florida, set out to create a new monster out of a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560.

Just some time ago we exclusively posted information and images of the  Heffner Performance Twin Turbo Lamborghini Murcielago. This time it is the little brother that goes under the knife for a set of turbos.

Heffner Performance was able to tune their twin turbo LP560 to 850hp which is good for a run to 60mph in an earth shattering 2.8 seconds. That’s almost Bugatti Veyron figures.

Completely Insane is how Jason Heffner describes the LP560 Twin Turbo. I think if I had the chance to ride in this monster, I would totally agree with him. Take a virtual ride and check out the video and additional information below. Enjoy!

[source: Heffner Performance]

We really can’t say enough good things about the Heffner LP560 Twin Turbo. The combination of the launch control and the car shifting itself makes for a ridiculously consistent package. It just works over and over again. We were overwhelmed to see the car run as well as it did on such a low level of boost (7psi)

We are certain that nine second quarter mile times are attainable with a bit more tweaking and a bit more boost. Please keep in mind that what makes this so incredible is that this car still is one hundred percent stock except the twin turbo system . The tires, clutch, engine and suspension are all as they came from the factory.

We think it is really a superior car all around from any previous Lamborghini Gallardo platforms. The suspension is different, the electronics are different, lots of hardware changes as well.

We can say this for sure…if you are into racing from a dead stop, this is THE car to have. (0-60 = 2.8 seconds)  It is unbelievably quick and easy to drive. You get the Lamborghini coolness plus the comfort of knowing that if you happen to be sitting next to a guy in a Veyron…you are going to give him one heck of a surprise!

Top of Form

The Heffner Performance LP560 Twin Turbo had a mix of race and pump gas in it and was running pretty low boost.

7 psi of boost at 800-825rwhp

Stock engine except induction system.

The car was launched using the Corsa Thrust Mode and the car automatically shifts for you at redline for maximum acceleration.

These runs were made on stock street tires.

Best 60-130mph time of 5.66 seconds

Run 1

0-10 0.24
0-20 0.8
0-30 1.27
0-40 1.67
0-50 2.33
0-60 2.8
0-70 3.28
0-80 4.11
0-90 4.78
0-100 5.49
0-110 6.56
0-120 7.48
0-130 8.76
0-140 9.99

60 ft 1.77 seconds
1/8 mile 6.81 seconds

1/4 mile 10.3 seconds @142.45mph

Run 2

0-10 0.25
0-20 0.8
0-30 1.28
0-40 1.69
0-50 2.37
0-60 2.84
0-70 3.33
0-80 4.13
0-90 4.78
0-100 5.47
0-110 6.5
0-120 7.4
0-130 8.62
0-140 9.78
0-150 11.08
0-160 12.82
0-170 14.75

60 ft – 1.78 seconds
1/8 mile – 6.82 seconds

1/4 mile – 10.29 seconds @144.04mph


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