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A blog dedicated to all fans of BMW.

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BMWCoop is a blog for all BMW fans, as it looks like from the title. At you will find the latest news, spy photos, concepts built official by BMW but also built by individual designers. The interface of BMWCoop is also very friendly to anyone.

In the top right of the blog is the search box wich is very useful. Most people are using google search on their blog wich makes search results very unfriendly to their readers so they don’t do this.
The theme is very simple but at the same time is very cool because is not filled with all kind of ads and useless widgets.

There are 4 buttons: Home, Online Help, Advertise and Contact. The Online Help button is very useful and attractive because you don’t have to send an eMail and to wait hours or even days for a reply. If the owner of the blog is online, you can talk to him directly, just like through an IM software.

If you click the Advertise button, you will find the statistics of the BMWCoop blog wich from what I think, are very good and if the owner of this blog will give you a good price, it would be a great deal.

The last button is Contact Us where you will find a contact form which is very cool, but if you also want to use your eMail provider interface, use this e-mail contact address: [email protected].

As almost any blog has, you can find the latest BMW news by subscribing through RSS or through eMail. I assure you that if you subscribe you will have nothing to lose, just like the other hundreds of subscribers.

I’m sure it’s the moment to visit the bmw blog right now.


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