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Ford CEO: Tesla Superchargers May Become the Standard for EV Charging

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tesla supercharger network

According to Ford CEO Jim Farley, Tesla’s Superchargers have the potential to become the standard for electric vehicle (EV) charging in the United States. This statement comes after Ford recently reached a deal that allows its owners to utilize Tesla’s charging stations across North America. In an interview with CNBC, Farley acknowledged the possibility of Tesla Superchargers becoming the predominant choice for EV charging.

The news had a positive impact on Ford’s stock performance, with shares rising 2.8% to $11.69. Farley also mentioned that other automakers, including General Motors, will face a significant decision in choosing between Tesla’s EV chargers and the Combined Charging System (CCS). CCS represents one of the competing plug standards for DC fast charging.

General Motors did not provide an immediate response or comment on the matter. Since 2012, Tesla has been actively developing and deploying its own high-speed vehicle charger called the Supercharger. These Superchargers can provide up to 322 miles (518 km) of range in just 15 minutes. Currently, Tesla owns 17,711 Superchargers, which account for approximately 60% of all fast chargers in the United States. In an hour or less, these chargers can add hundreds of miles of driving range.

Jim Farley stated that Ford currently possesses around 10,000 fast chargers, and the agreement with Tesla will effectively double that number. This collaboration signifies the growing recognition of Tesla’s charging infrastructure within the automotive industry, and it could potentially pave the way for the wider adoption of Tesla Superchargers as the standard for EV charging in the United States.


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