Electrify America to Start Limiting Charging to 85% In Hopes to Reduce Wait Times

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Electrify America has recently introduced a groundbreaking “Congestion Reduction Pilot” program designed to streamline the charging process for electric vehicles (EVs) and significantly cut down wait times at charging stations. This innovative initiative limits the state of charge to 85%, meaning that once an EV reaches this threshold, the charging session will automatically stop. The pilot program is set to launch at 10 high-traffic stations in California.

This move addresses a critical issue in EV charging: the slowdown that occurs after an EV’s battery reaches 80% capacity. For example, a Kia EV6 can charge from 10-80% in about 16 minutes on a high-speed charger, but it can take an additional 15-20 minutes to go from 80-100%. By capping the charge at 85%, Electrify America aims to prevent these extended sessions that block chargers and cause frustrating delays for other users.

To further enhance the efficiency of the system, Electrify America has implemented a 10-minute grace period after the charging stops. If the vehicle is not removed within this window, idle fees will be imposed. This measure ensures that chargers remain available for new arrivals as soon as possible.

Recognizing the occasional need for a full charge on long trips, Electrify America has strategically chosen pilot stations based on usage patterns. These high-utilization locations are typically not frequented by road trippers, ensuring that those needing a full 100% charge can find alternative stations within a reasonable distance.

Enforcement of the new policy is strict. EVs arriving with a state of charge above 85% will not be able to start a charging session, and re-plugging in after the initial session ends is also prohibited. No exceptions will be made, even for manufacturer-backed charging plans or other potential loopholes.

The pilot program is set to begin this month, with Electrify America closely monitoring its progress and making adjustments as necessary. For a list of participating stations and future updates, visit Electrify America’s website. This initiative marks a significant step towards a more efficient and user-friendly charging network, promising to enhance the overall EV ownership experience.


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