Jaguar Land Rover Shifts Company Focus to Become JLR & Spotlights Four Core Brands

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Jaguar Land Rover, a prominent automotive manufacturer, has recently undergone a transformation to reposition its focus on its four key brands. In line with its new strategy, the company has simplified its name to JLR, allowing its individual brands, namely Range Rover, Defender, Discovery, and Jaguar, to take center stage.

By transitioning to a “House of Brands organization,” Jaguar Land Rover aims to emphasize the distinctiveness and strengths of each brand within its portfolio. The decision to adopt the JLR abbreviation ensures that the company’s name does not overshadow the prominence of its four individual brands. However, it is important to note that the well-established Land Rover name will continue to be used on vehicles, websites, social media platforms, and retail sites, preserving its renowned legacy.

Accompanying the name change, JLR has unveiled a new corporate identity, featuring a minimalist logo. The logo showcases a descending “j” that symbolizes elegance, while the lighter weight of the emblem represents the company’s pursuit of refinement and modernity. The visual redesign is aimed at capturing the essence of JLR’s ambition in the modern luxury segment.

Adrian Mardell, the CEO of JLR, expressed his enthusiasm for the new identity, emphasizing its alignment with the company’s strategic approach as a House of Brands. Mardell believes that the updated corporate identity aptly illustrates JLR’s commitment to the contemporary luxury market. The sentiment was echoed by Gerry McGovern, JLR’s Chief Creative Officer, who believes that the new JLR identity will bring clarity to customers and serve as a unifying symbol for the company’s four distinct British brands.

Moreover, JLR is making significant strides toward electrification. Jaguar has set a target to become a fully electric brand by 2030, signifying its commitment to sustainable mobility and reduced carbon emissions. Similarly, Land Rover, known for its rugged and capable vehicles, is embracing electrification by introducing fully electric models across its Discovery, Defender, and Range Rover brands before the end of the decade. This move showcases JLR’s dedication to both preserving its brand heritage and adapting to the evolving automotive landscape.


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