Electric Cadillac Escalade IQ Teased Ahead of August 9 Reveal

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cadillac escalade iq teaser

The highly anticipated electrified Cadillac Escalade IQ is set to make its debut in New York city on August 9th. Before the official announcement, a tantalizing glimpse of the full-size, electric SUV is provided through a shadowy image and a brief accompanying video.

The video below from Cadillac offers a more revealing look at the Escalade IQ compared to the initial announcement image. One striking feature is the presence of two columns of vertical LEDs adorning the outer edges of the front nose. Positioned at the base of the hood, the horizontal amber turn signals catch the eye. Adding an element of sophistication, both a portion of the grille and the Cadillac badge are tastefully illuminated.

A momentary glance at the rear of the Escalade IQ showcases a stylish spoiler extending over the roof. At the rear tip, a horizontally aligned red brake light enhances the vehicle’s visual appeal. The camera then pans over the roof, revealing a panoramic glass roof that adds a touch of openness and luxury. Upon a closer look inside the vehicle, a wide screen prominently occupies the dashboard, likely offering advanced technological features to the driver and passengers.

The attention to detail continues with the wheels, which boast thick spokes and intricate fins occupying the spaces between them. These design elements contribute to the overall aesthetic of the Escalade IQ, exemplifying its commitment to both style and functionality.

We will be sure to bring you the full details and reveal on August 9th, and any other teases from Cadillac beforehand.


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