How American is Your Car? – Tesla Tops List of American Made Index

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Tesla continues to maintain its dominance in’s American-Made Index (AMI), securing four of its models in the top positions of the annual ranking. The AMI evaluates new vehicles based on their contribution to the U.S. economy, taking into account factors such as assembly locations, part sourcing, and manufacturing jobs. Alongside Tesla, other automakers like Acura, Honda, and Volkswagen also claimed spots in the top 10 rankings.

According to a recent survey conducted by, approximately 48% of car shoppers expressed their willingness to pay a higher price for a vehicle if it creates jobs in the United States. Additionally, 38% of respondents stated that they would only consider purchasing a vehicle from an American manufacturer, while 39% believed it to be unpatriotic to buy non-American-made cars. These statistics are based on the responses of over 1,000 individuals surveyed in May.

Despite the assumption that the “buy American” sentiment was more prevalent in past decades, Aaron Bragman, Detroit bureau chief for, revealed that many consumers still prioritize the origin and economic impact of the vehicles they purchase. Bragman emphasized that individuals care about where a vehicle is manufactured and the influence it has on the local economy.

Tesla’s Model 3 made history in 2021 as the first all-electric car to top the American-Made Index, and the company has continued to maintain its leading position since then. Bragman attributes Tesla’s success to its factories in California and Texas, where the company assembles its U.S. lineup. He further explained that Tesla’s commitment to manufacturing in the United States extends to component production, as many of the materials used in Tesla vehicles are sourced locally from California, Texas, and Nevada.

The American-Made Index, introduced in 2006, relies on five key factors to determine rankings: the location of final assembly, the percentage of U.S. and Canadian parts, the country of origin for available engines, the country of origin for available transmissions, and the ratio of U.S. manufacturing employees relative to the automaker’s footprint.

Top 10 American-made cars and their build location according to AMI’s index list:

  1. Tesla Model Y: Austin, Texas and Fremont, California
  2. Tesla Model 3: Fremont, California
  3. Tesla Model X: Fremont, California
  4. Tesla Model S: Fremont, California
  5. Honda Passport: Lincoln, Alabama
  6. Volkswagen ID.4: Chattanooga, Tennessee
  7. Honda Odyssey: Lincoln, Alabama
  8. Acura MDX: East Liberty and Marysville, Ohio
  9. Honda Ridgeline: Lincoln, Alabama
  10. Acura RDX:  East Liberty, Ohio

View the full list here!

Notably, electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining popularity, with half of the top 10 models in this year’s index being electric.’s survey revealed that 39% of respondents are considering an EV as their next car, while an additional 26% are open to the possibility. This shift aligns with the Biden administration’s goal of having half of all vehicles sold in the country be zero-emissions by 2030, with a focus on expanding American-made vehicles and batteries. Recent legislation has implemented stringent mandates for EV tax credits, emphasizing battery component and sourcing requirements, while the infrastructure law passed in 2021 includes significant funding to ensure U.S. manufacturers have access to EV battery components, critical minerals, and materials.

Bragman observed that numerous automakers are increasing their investment in electric vehicles and related components, such as batteries and motors, all manufactured within the United States. As a result, he expects to see a surge in the number of electric vehicles appearing on the American-Made Index in the coming years.


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