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Nissan Z Nismo Teased in Drift Video

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nissan z nismo

Nissan has officially confirmed the long-awaited arrival of the Nismo Z, putting an end to months of speculation. The company made the announcement in a captivating manner, unveiling a thrilling 44-second teaser video that not only showcases the exterior of the high-performance model but also provides a tantalizing glimpse into the interior cabin. However, Nissan has not yet revealed the exact date for the car’s debut, stating that full details will be disclosed later in the summer.

Compared to the standard Z, the Nismo variant boasts a more aggressive and striking body design. Nissan’s designers have incorporated several enhancements, including a prominent front splitter and a distinctive red stripe that outlines the lower edge of the vehicle’s body. Additional modifications extend the rear spoiler to the fenders, while a redesigned back bumper adds a touch of angularity and features the Nismo branding at its center. The gloss black wheels also bear the Nismo emblem, further emphasizing the car’s sporty appeal.

In the teaser video, the Nismo Z is driven by three-time Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg. Although the teaser video offers only a brief glimpse under the hood, the engine layout appears to be similar to the existing Z model. However, there is speculation that the Nismo version may receive engine tweaks to potentially surpass the current output of 400 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque.

Moving to the interior, the Nismo Z showcases heavily bolstered seats adorned with Nismo branding on the headrests and the recognizable Recaro badge on the shoulder portion. The Nismo wordmark also makes an appearance as part of the digital instrument cluster graphics. The tachometer’s redline remains at 7,000 rpm. Notably, this particular Nismo Z seems to be equipped with an automatic gearbox but we’re pretty sure a manual will be an option as it is on the current new Z.

As the current range-topping sports coupe, the Nissan Z Proto Spec starts at $56,380. Considering previous Nismo models, it is reasonable to expect the new Nismo Z to have a slightly higher price tag than its predecessor.

With the Nismo Z set to premiere later in the summer, there is a possibility that it could arrive in showrooms before the year’s end.


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