Next Generation Nissan GT-R and Z Will be a Reality

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Nissan’s commitment to its iconic sports car lineup, including the GT-R and Z models, is affirmed by Senior Vice President and Chief Planning Officer for Nissan North America, Ponz Pandikuthira, at the 2024 New York auto show, as reported by Motor Authority.

Pandikuthira emphasizes the importance of authenticity in the next-generation GT-R, ensuring it retains its hallmark performance and track capabilities. While the specifics of the powertrain remain undecided, the influence of Formula E technology on the development process is evident. The next GT-R is expected to maintain its four-seat configuration and menacing aesthetic, staying true to its roots as a versatile yet formidable machine.

Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President of Nissan, discusses the potential evolution of the GT-R’s design, suggesting that elements from concept vehicles like the Hyper Force concept may influence the final product. However, he assures that the essence of the GT-R, including its distinctive quad-taillight design, will be preserved.

Regarding the Z series, Pandikuthira hints at the possibility of a groundbreaking redesign in the future, echoing the innovative spirit that led to the creation of previous models like the 350Z and 370Z. Albaisa emphasizes the importance of either embracing the heritage of the original 240Z or pushing the boundaries with a progressive design approach for the next iteration of the Z.

The current Z model, introduced in 2021, is praised for its retro styling cues while maintaining a forward-looking perspective. Albaisa suggests that any future Z model will continue this trend of either embracing tradition or forging a new path, with no compromise in between.

Nissan’s commitment to innovation and performance ensures that the next generation of GT-R and Z models will continue to captivate enthusiasts while pushing the boundaries of automotive design and technology.

Source: Motor Authority


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