Infiniti Reveals Updated 3D Badge, New Brand Scent, Sound, & Dealer Experience

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Infiniti has unveiled its updated brand identity, which includes a refreshed logo and badge, as well as an enhanced retail experience. The new Infiniti logo maintains a similar design to its previous version, with minor changes. It represents an infinite road fading into the horizon, symbolizing the brand’s intention. The updated emblem features a wider bottom opening, narrowing the outline of the road and placing greater emphasis on the horizon.

In addition to the logo update, Infiniti has increased the spacing of the word mark below the emblem, visually accentuating the horizon. The company plans to incorporate a new three-dimensional and illuminated emblem on its vehicles, where the road flows over the horizon and into the grille.

This rebranding effort by Infiniti follows a trend in the automotive industry, with several automakers, including Jaguar Land Rover and Porsche, refreshing their logos. As the industry prepares for the electrified era, automakers of all sizes are focusing on their image and strengthening customer connections.

Alongside the logo and badge changes, Infiniti is revamping its retail experience to reaffirm its commitment to physical retail spaces. Inspired by Japanese design philosophies, the new retail spaces will showcase striking architecture. The first locations to feature the new design include downtown Los Angeles, Georgetown in Texas, Monterrey in Mexico, and Doha in Qatar.

Infiniti is also introducing sensory elements to enhance the customer experience. Special brand events and retail showrooms will feature the brand’s new scent, infused with Japanese cypress, cedar, and citrus wood, evoking the aroma of a forest. Additionally, Infiniti has created a unique sound logo incorporating a taiko drum, a Japanese wind chime (furin), and the human voice. This sound will be used in commercials, promotional materials, company videos, and may even serve as optional hold music at retailers.

While the new logo, retail spaces, scent, and sound logo demonstrate Infiniti’s commitment to revitalizing its brand, it will require more than visual and sensory enhancements to reverse the company’s declining sales. In 2022, Infiniti experienced a sales decline of over 20 percent, selling just over 46,000 units compared to the more than 150,000 units sold in 2017.

Although Infiniti has not specified when the new emblem will appear on its vehicles, it is expected to be featured on future models. Speculations suggest that the next-generation QX80, recently spotted testing in Michigan, could be one of the first vehicles to showcase the updated 3D badge. Furthermore, there are rumors circulating that Infiniti plans to introduce a new two-row crossover by 2025, which could also incorporate the redesigned emblem.


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