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Ford Performance Teases Mustang Dark Horse R on new Threads Social Media Platform

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The new Threads social media app, a new competitor to Twitter, witnessed a significant influx of millions of new users, including Ford Performance, which took advantage of the new Meta platform by offering its new followers and fans an exclusive preview of the Ford Mustang Dark Horse R.

The new Dark Horse R is an upcoming track-only version of the Mustang. Ford, in the caption accompanying the teaser, acknowledged the significance of Threads by stating, “Threads saw it first!”
The anticipation surrounding the Dark Horse R had been building for nearly a year, as Ford Performance had been teasing the development of a range of six track-specific Mustangs. Alongside the Dark Horse R, this pony car lineup included entries for GT3, GT4, NASCAR, NHRA Factory X, as well as the Dark Horse S for the casual track-day enthusiast.

The Dark Horse S, designed for the “weekend track day enthusiast,” shares the closest resemblance to the street version of the Mustang. Stripped of non-essential components and trim, the Dark Horse S features Multimatic DSSV shocks instead of the MagneRide suspension found in the standard Dark Horse. It also boasts a front splitter, upgraded brakes, adjustable ride height and camber settings, tow hooks, and an adjustable rear wing. Inside the vehicle, you will discover an FIA-compliant safety cage, window nets, a racing seat with a harness, electrical disconnect switch, fire suppression system, telemetry display, and minimal control interfaces for functions such as lights, wipers, and the pit lane speed limiter.

The Dark Horse R, being a racing-focused model, retains most of the features found in the S variant. However, it introduces some notable enhancements tailored specifically for racing. These enhancements include a seam-welded chassis to enhance rigidity and a fuel cell to extend the vehicle’s range. Furthermore, the Dark Horse R is equipped with a set of lighter, race-spec Ford Performance wheels instead of the street-oriented wheels found on the S variant.

Under the hood, the Dark Horse R is expected to pack a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine capable of 500 horsepower and 418 pound-feet of torque, like the standard Mustang. Ford has hinted that the Dark Horse R is homologated for racing but has yet to disclose the specific racing series it will participate in. We should be able to uncover more details on the official reveal date of July 27.


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