New Car Preview: 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N with up to 641 Horsepower

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Revving up the excitement at the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed, Hyundai has unleashed the electrifying Ioniq 5 N crossover, a nice little surprise for electric vehicle (EV) performance enthusiasts. This highly anticipated powerhouse takes Hyundai’s all-electric hatchback to unparalleled heights, pushing boundaries in every aspect.

While the standard Ioniq 5 already boasts an impressive 320 horsepower and 446 pound-feet of torque, Hyundai has chosen to amplify this even further. The N variant takes that respectable power figure and doubles it effortlessly. With the “N Grin Boost” feature, an evolution from its gas-powered N siblings, the Ioniq 5 N reaches a staggering peak output of over 641 hp and 567 lb-ft. But there’s a catch. To achieve these numbers, you’ll need to engage the boost for a thrilling 10-second surge. Without it, you’re left with a mere “600 horsepower and 545 lb-ft of torque.” How pedestrian. Nevertheless, fear not, as Hyundai assures us that the Ioniq 5 N still roars from 0 to 100 km/h in a short 3.5 seconds without the boost, or 3.4 seconds with it.

Surpassing its close relative, the 576-horsepower Kia EV6 GT, the Ioniq 5 N proudly takes its place within the remarkable E-GMP ecosystem. But this crossover is more than just a larger battery and mightier electric motors. Hyundai has diligently crafted the Ioniq 5 N to be lower, wider, and equipped with larger 21-inch wheels, ensuring enhanced grip and an imposing, hot-hatch-like presence. By reducing the height and incorporating a redesigned adaptive suspension, Hyundai has also achieved a lowered center of gravity, further enhancing the N’s prowess.

Admittedly, ample battery power does add weight, yet the Ioniq 5 N’s prodigious output elegantly conceals this fact during acceleration. To rein it all in, Hyundai has equipped the N variant with beefier brakes sporting 15.75-inch rotors in the front and 14.2-inch in the rear, accompanied by high-performance Pirelli P-Zero tires in size 275/35R21. Notably, the Ioniq 5’s regenerative braking system, touted as the strongest available, provides exceptional heat management and negates the need for a carbon ceramic upgrade. Although range figures are yet to be disclosed, one can anticipate remarkable efficiency from this exhilarating machine.

In terms of aesthetics, Hyundai has primarily focused on functional enhancements for the Ioniq 5 N’s exterior. The wider front and rear bumpers gracefully contain the broader track that accommodates the robust wheels and tires. Active air flaps contribute to improved brake cooling, while the pronounced rear wing and diffuser facilitate smooth airflow as it gracefully exits the vehicle’s rear. Inside the cabin, cosmetic upgrades take precedence over functional alterations. The front seats, available in cloth and leather or faux suede (“Eco Alcantara”) and leather, exude a sense of sportiness. Surprisingly, despite being an electric vehicle, the Ioniq 5 N incorporates physical controls, including two “N” mode quick-select buttons, a standard drive mode selection toggle, and the all-important N Grin Boost (“NGB”) button.

Beyond appearances, Hyundai has invested considerable effort beneath the surface to enhance the Ioniq 5 N’s performance and deliver an enthralling experience to ambitious enthusiasts. The “N Pedal” brake system has been meticulously tuned to aid weight transfer, resulting in sharper corner entry. The all-wheel-drive system integrates Hyundai’s innovative “N Torque Distribution,” ensuring power is distributed precisely where it is needed. Furthermore, an electronic limited-slip differential expertly distributes power to the rear wheels, enhancing control and maneuverability. Hyundai has also reinforced the Ioniq 5 N’s steering column and replaced the steering box with a performance-oriented unit, thereby elevating steering response and providing greater feedback.

Notably, Hyundai is taking an unconventional approach to the Ioniq 5 N’s feedback. Introducing their groundbreaking “e-shift” programming, the car emulates the characteristics of a conventional multi-speed transmission. Mimicking the behavior of dual-clutch units, the Ioniq 5 N offers eight “gears” and deliberately interrupts torque delivery with each “shift,” faithfully replicating the familiar experience. Leveraging the regenerative braking system, the e-shift system even emulates engine braking, adding to the immersive driving experience.

To further amplify the N’s electric personality, Hyundai introduces their innovative “N Active Sound” system. As expected, this technology offers an exhilarating ICE-based soundtrack to accompany the otherwise silent electric motoring. In addition, two distinct “futuristic” engine sound modes are available, designed to embrace the N’s electric character. Brace yourself for the mind-bending “Supersonic” sound mode, inspired by the thunderous roars of fighter jets, propelling your senses to new heights. Okay, maybe you don’t have to brace yourself. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to “hear” what Hyundai has cooked up.

What is missing from the information out of Hyundai is the range estimate and pricing, which we expect to be revealed to us in the not so distant future when we get a solid sale date. We could speculate that the Ioniq 5 N gets a slightly better range than its Kia EV6 GT sibling and a similar price that is only a ‘bit’ more. We shall see!


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