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Rumor Mill: Toyota Supra Could Get 550 Horsepower as Last Hurrah for ICE

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Rumor has it that the fifth-generation Toyota Supra is revving up for its grand finale for the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), and it could be going out in style! Supposedly, according to Best Car, the legendary coupe is about to get some extra power. Word on the street is that Toyota is cooking up a mind-blowing GRMN-badged model, packing a 550-horsepower punch!

According to the grapevine, this ultimate evolution of the Supra will make its much-anticipated debut by the end of 2023, with sales beginning the following year. While we don’t have all the juicy details just yet, we’re crossing our fingers that this beast won’t be limited to a select few lucky markets.

What can we expect from this Supra GRMN? Well, rumor has it that under the hood lies a monstrous twin-turbocharged, 3.0-liter straight-six engine that graced the limited-edition BMW M4 CSL in 2022, cranking out an awe-inspiring 543 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque.

But wait, there’s more! The Supra GRMN, if the whispers are true, might even exceed that power figure, with a total of 550 horsepower. We wonder if there’s a slight conversion error from the German way of measuring an engine’s output from our sources. Who knows? But let’s not rule out the possibility that Toyota might sprinkle its magic touch on the engine and give it a unique twist. Whichever way they go, one thing’s for sure: such a vehicle with that much power won’t disappoint.

To handle all that raw power, the Supra GRMN is said to be equipped with the eight-speed automatic transmission – no word from the rumor if a manual transmission would be equipped – we can only hope.

We can also expect some jaw-dropping trim-specific additions that will set the GRMN apart from the standard Supra. We’re talking about a full body kit as Toyota never fails to deliver when it comes to their GRMN models.

Of course, Toyota has been tight-lipped about these rumors not saying a word, which may have us in suspense for a while. With any luck, we’ll get more information about this final incarnation of the Supra, and who knows, maybe even catch wind of its successor, which would be more on the electrification side of things ending the rain of the ICE.

Source: Best Car via AutoBlog


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