Honda Could be Working on NSX Electric Sports Car

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Honda has recently uncovered how they would like to approach a new electric vehicle (EV) strategy. At CES, the Japanese automaker introduced two electric concept cars, offering a preview of Honda’s fresh design direction and evolving engineering principles. However, it appears that there’s more to the story, as reports suggest Honda is quietly developing a battery-powered sports car reminiscent of its iconic NSX.

CEO Toshihiro Mibe has revealed Honda’s foray into exploring sports cars for the electric era. Mibe disclosed that the company’s Research and Development center is already hard at work on a high-performance vehicle, set to be a cornerstone of Honda’s upcoming 0 Series electric car lineup, slated for release starting in 2026.

While specific details about Honda’s electric sports car remain undisclosed, Mibe assures that progress is steadily advancing. The sports car aims to lead the 0 Series, showcasing technological advancements focused on maximizing interior space, reducing battery weight, and improving efficiency—all while prioritizing the thrill of driving with an emphasis on driver engagement.

Echoing the design ethos of the 0 Series concept showcased at CES, the electric sports car is expected to feature a sleek, forward-leaning profile. Its cockpit will adopt a minimalist approach, aiming to minimize distractions for the driver. Unlike Honda’s current EV lineup, the car will utilize a slimmer battery and e-axle drive units, consolidating motors, inverters, and gearboxes into a compact assembly to optimize interior room.

In an interview with Autocar, Mibe emphasized that Honda’s forthcoming sporty EV will offer a “completely different taste” compared to any previous performance vehicles from the company. This underscores the R&D program’s core objective of crafting a unique driving experience that truly engages enthusiasts. While Honda is conducting a thorough analysis of the electric sports car market, Mibe refrains from directly mentioning competitors.

Similar to Toyota’s commitment to performance cars championed by its CEO, Akio Toyoda, Mibe is a driving force behind Honda’s pursuit of an electrifying sporting experience. Although the specifics of mass production and timing remain undecided, Mibe personally expresses his eagerness to see the project through fruition. It was Mibe who, back in 2011 during his tenure as Honda’s R&D chief, first hinted at reviving the NSX with an electrified powertrain, underscoring his belief that electric and hybrid vehicles can deliver both fun and efficiency.

Sources: Motor1 via Autocar


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