Honda Showcases Global “Honda 0” EV Series with Two Concepts at CES 2024

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Honda has unveiled its new global electric vehicle (EV) series, the “Honda 0 Series,” at CES 2024, featuring two concept models, Saloon and Space-Hub. The series represents Honda’s commitment to the next generation of EVs, with a focus on innovation and sustainability.

The Saloon, considered the flagship model of the Honda 0 Series, is built on a dedicated EV platform, adhering to the “M/M” (man maximum/machine minimum) packaging concept. It boasts a low and wide exterior combined with a spacious interior that utilizes sustainable materials. The vehicle incorporates a human-machine interface (HMI) for intuitive operations, advanced steer-by-wire and motion control management systems, and posture control for various driving situations.

On the other hand, the Space-Hub, designed under the theme of “augmenting people’s daily lives,” emphasizes a spacious cabin and excellent visibility. It aims to be a flexible space, connecting passengers and serving as a hub for interactions with the outside world.

Honda’s new “H mark” logo, exclusively for next-generation EV models, symbolizes the company’s commitment to transformation and continuous pursuit of challenges. This new design expression signifies Honda’s dedication to expanding mobility possibilities and meeting customer needs.

The Honda 0 Series, set to launch globally in 2026, introduces a novel approach to EV development based on three core principles: Thin, Light, and Wise. These principles aim to overcome traditional battery electric vehicle constraints and incorporate Honda’s long-standing engineering philosophies.

The series will feature “The Art of Resonance” design philosophy, emphasizing harmony with the environment, society, and users through sustainable materials and emotional design. Advanced Driver-Assistive System (ADAS) and automated driving features, connected technologies, enhanced aerodynamics performance, and a new level of battery efficiency are key highlights of the Honda 0 Series.

Honda is developing an original operating system for these models, utilizing AI and driver data to enhance the ownership experience. The company plans to deploy next-generation AD systems in the late-2020s, focusing on human-centric safety and advanced AI technologies for natural and high-precision risk predictions.

The Honda 0 Series aims to provide stress-free charging and battery performance, addressing concerns about charging time and battery degradation. Fast-charging from 15% to 80% capacity is expected to take about 10-15 minutes in the late-2020s models, and Honda aims to minimize battery capacity degradation to less than 10% after 10 years of use.

Honda’s Honda 0 Series represents a bold step toward the future of electric mobility, combining innovative design, advanced technology, and a commitment to sustainability and user experience.


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