Lexus Could Soon Introduce Electric 3-row SUVs as Toyota Trademarks TZ450e and TZ550e Names

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Lexus, the imposing luxury outfit of Toyota, looks to be gearing up to introduce two new electric SUV models, as revealed by recent trademark applications filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the British Intellectual Property Office. The model names in question are the Lexus TZ450e and the Lexus TZ550e. At present, these models do not exist in the market.

Based on Lexus’ naming conventions, it is speculated that both the TZ450e and TZ550e are likely to be three-row SUVs, following the footsteps of the new TX model. Additionally, the “Z” in the names indicates that these upcoming models will be battery-electric vehicles, making them part of Lexus’ growing electric lineup.

Currently, the only battery-powered Lexus models available for purchase are the UX300e, available in international markets, and the RZ450e, which is sold in various regions including here in the U.S. The RZ450e utilizes an electric motor on each axle connected to a 71.4-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. The combined power output amounts to 308 horsepower and 320 pound-feet of torque, with the front motor contributing 201 horsepower and the rear motor generating 107 horsepower.

If the same powertrain from the RZ450e were to be utilized in the forthcoming three-row SUVs, the performance figures would undoubtedly be commendable. As of now, specific EPA range figures for the RZ450e are not available, but Lexus estimates that the crossover can achieve around 220 miles in the base Premium trim equipped with 18-inch wheels and approximately 196 miles in the heavier Luxury trim with 20-inch wheels. Of course, during our test we saw just over 200 miles of range, slightly less than Lexus’ estimates. It is expected that the larger platform of the three-row SUVs would accommodate a larger battery, potentially improving the range figures, as we would expect and hope!

Toyota is also planning to introduce a three-row bZ5X SUV around 2025, possibly for the 2026 model year. This suggests that Toyota and Lexus may employ new battery technology, leading to substantial enhancements in the performance and range of their electric vehicles, especially with more potent variants like the TZ550e, which would require a larger battery capacity.

Over the past few years, Toyota’s electrification targets have undergone several adjustments, indicating the company’s commitment to advancing its electric vehicle lineup. The image of the three-row Lexus SUV was found on the Lexus retail website, serving as a potential depiction of what the future TZ models might look like.

Production for the Toyota version of the three-row SUV is scheduled to begin at the Georgetown Assembly Plant in Kentucky within the next two years. The batteries for these electric vehicles will be sourced from a new factory under construction in North Carolina, which could signal newer solid-state battery technology with massively increased range estimates.

The plan to introduce the TZ450e and TZ550e models represents another step forward in the automotive industry’s ongoing shift towards electric mobility and sustainable transportation solutions, in addition to Toyota and Lexus flexing their newfound muscle in the EV landscape.


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