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New Car Preview: 2024 Lexus TX 3-Row Midsized Luxury Crossover

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For many years, the masses have desired three-row midsized luxury crossovers, and the sales from several brands have demonstrated the strong demand. However, Lexus has never had anything to fill that space other than the RX-L, which many looked to as an afterthought of the respected RX midsized two-row luxury crossover. The time has come that Lexus has a dedicated midsized three-row crossover that’s not body-on-frame, and they’ve answered the call with the all-new 2024 Lexus TX.

The 2024 Lexus TX is a three-row midsized luxury crossover that marks a new era for Lexus specially designed for the North American market. The new Lexus LX will cater to the growing demand for spacious and luxurious SUVs with three rows of seating.

The Lexus TX offers three powertrain options: The TX 350 features a 2.4L turbocharged inline-4 engine with 275 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. The TX 500h is equipped with a 2.4L turbocharged Parallel Hybrid system, available exclusively as the F SPORT Performance variant, producing 366 horsepower and 409 lb-ft of torque mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. It combines DIRECT4 all-wheel drive technology and Dynamic Rear Steering. The TX 550h+ is a plug-in hybrid vehicle that combines a powerful 3.5L V6 engine with DIRECT4 all-wheel drive, with an estimated EV range of 33 miles. Total system power is 406 horsepower directing power through a continuously variable transmission.

The vehicle’s exterior showcases the new Lexus Unified Spindle design, emphasizing aerodynamic handling and stability. The front-end features a sleek grille and narrow aperture, contributing to the vehicle’s overall performance and aesthetic appeal. The TX is available in different grades, including Standard, Premium, Luxury, and F SPORT Performance, each offering distinctive design elements.

Inside the cabin, the driver-focused cockpit design creates a connection between the driver and the vehicle. There’s an available 12.3-inch multi-information display and head-up display. The Lexus Interface Multimedia System, with its 14-inch touchscreen, provides easy access to controls and information as found on other new Lexus vehicles.

Among the standout qualities of the Lexus TX is its generous interior space without compromise where the third row offers ample legroom yet have a spacious cargo area with 20.1 cubic feet of storage behind the third row. When the third-row seats are folded down, cargo capacity increases to 57.4 cubic feet. When both the second and third row are folded down, cargo capacity increases to 97 cubic feet. With a second-row bench seat, the Lexus TX will accommodate up to 7 passengers. A 6-passenger configuration can be had with second-row captain’s chairs.

Safety is prioritized in the Lexus TX, featuring the latest Lexus Safety System+ 3.0, which provides a comprehensive suite of advanced and active safety features. The chassis of the TX, using the GA-K platform, is reinforced to increase rigidity and minimize noise, vibration, and harshness.

The Lexus TX will be the first Lexus vehicle to be assembled at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing facility in Indiana. The 2024 TX 350 and 500h are expected to go on sale this fall. The 2024 TX 550h+ is expected to go on sale at a later date. Pricing and fuel consumption figures will be released as we get closer to the on-sale date.

2024 TX Preliminary Specifications


TX 350 

TX 500h 

TX 550h+ 




2.4LT Gas 

2.4LT Hybrid Electric Vehicle 

3.5L V6 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle 










275 hp 

366 hp 

406 hp 


317 lb.-ft 

409 lb.-ft 


Manuf. EST. MPG (combined) 

21 mpg 

24 mpg 

30 mpg 

33 mi. EV range 

Cargo space behind third row 

20.1 cubic feet 

Cargo space with third row folded flat 

57.4 cubic feet 

Cargo space with second row folded flat 

97 cubic feet 

Overall length 

203.1 in. 

203.5 in. 

203.1 in. 

Overall width 

78.3 in. 

Overall height 

70.1 in. 


116.1 in. 

Tread (Fr/Rr) 

67.0 in./67.4 in. 

67.4 in./67.8 in. available 

67.4 in./67.8 in. 

67.4 in./67.8 in. 



22-inch available 




20” – 255/55 

22” – 255/45 

22” – 255/45 

22” – 255/45 


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