Toyota Issues Stop-Sale and Recall for Grand Highlander and Lexus TX Over Airbag Issue

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Toyota has announced a temporary halt in sales and a recall for its 2024 Grand Highlander and Lexus TX SUVs in the United States, effective June 20, 2024. The issue stems from a potential malfunction in the driver’s side curtain airbag, which may fail to deploy if the driver’s window is rolled down during a collision. This safety feature is crucial for protecting the upper body in such incidents.

Approximately 145,000 units of the Grand Highlander and TX, manufactured in Toyota’s Princeton, Indiana plant, are affected by this recall. Toyota has assured current owners that a remedy will be available by mid-August. The company is actively working to resolve the issue and will notify owners as soon as a fix is confirmed.

Both the Toyota Grand Highlander and Lexus TX have gained traction in the market since their introduction as 2024 models. The Grand Highlander, starting at $44,715, offers a range of engine options including a Hybrid Max variant boasting 362 horsepower. Meanwhile, the Lexus TX, priced from $55,050, features a plug-in hybrid configuration with up to 406 hp. Despite this setback, these SUVs continue to be popular choices among consumers seeking versatile, powerful vehicles.


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