Ford RS200 and MK1 Escort Coming Back via Agreement with Ford and Boreham Motorworks

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Boreham Motorworks, in collaboration with Ford under a brand license agreement, is bringing back two iconic models: the Ford RS200 and the Mk1 Escort. Known for dominating rally stages in their respective eras, these models are being revived with a blend of authenticity and modern enhancements.

The Mk1 Escort, originally produced between 1967 and 1975, is set to return in a “blueprint-accurate” form, staying true to its period details. It will even feature a continuation VIN number, ensuring its historical fidelity. This model is designed to evoke nostalgia while meeting contemporary street-legal standards, particularly in the UK.

In contrast, the Ford RS200, celebrated for its prowess in Group B rallying during the 1980s, will undergo a “ground-up build,” marking a departure from mere continuation models. While details like pricing and performance remain undisclosed, teaser images suggest modern upgrades such as LED headlights and a refreshed interior tailored for current use. Boreham plans to retain the RS200’s original mid-engine, four-wheel-drive layout, and incorporate lightweight materials like carbon fiber, akin to its predecessor’s fiberglass body.

These recreations are not isolated projects; Boreham intends to expand its lineup under the Ford partnership, promising at least five additional models. Whether continuing the legacy of classics or exploring new recreations, Boreham Motorworks aims to blend heritage with innovation, ensuring these revived icons appeal to both enthusiasts and contemporary automotive standards.


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