2024 Lexus RX Gets Front-Wheel-Drive RZ 300e Model with Lower Price

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In its second model year on the market, the 2024 Lexus RX introduces a new addition to its lineup, the RZ 300e model, featuring front-wheel drive and a more accessible price point. While the all-wheel-drive dual-motor variant receives minor updates, such as a new paint color option, the spotlight is on the entry-level RZ 300e.

Under the hood of the base RZ 300e is a single, front-mounted electric motor powered by a 72.8-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. Generating 201 horsepower, the RZ 300e boasts a better electric driving range of up to 266 miles on a single charge when equipped with the standard 18-inch wheels. However, opting for the 20-inch wheels trims the maximum range slightly to 224 miles.

For comparison, the RZ 450e, a carry-over model, features a dual-motor setup for through-the-road all-wheel drive. It utilizes a 71.4-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack from a different supplier, offering a range of up to 220 miles with 18-inch wheels or 196 miles with the 20-inch wheel option. The RZ 450e accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in five seconds.

Regardless of drivetrain configuration, every RZ model comes standard with a dual-voltage charging cable compatible with both 120- and 240-volt outlets. The 2024 model also inherits the stylish Cooper Crest color introduced by the RZ crossover in the previous model year, available at an additional cost of $595.

The pricing structure for the 2024 Lexus RZ range, inclusive of a $1,150 destination charge, is as follows:

  • RZ 300e Premium with 18-inch wheels: $56,300
  • RZ 300e Premium with 20-inch wheels: $57,540
  • RZ 300e Luxury: $62,030
  • RZ 450e Premium with 18-inch wheels: $61,000 (an increase of $1,350 from 2023)
  • RZ 450e Premium with 20-inch wheels: $62,240 (an increase of $1,350 from 2023)
  • RZ 450e Luxury: $66,730 (an increase of $1,580 from 2023)

Standard features across all RZ models include a 14-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system, five USB-C charging ports, and wireless compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Optional upgrades include an illuminated Lexus emblem and a premium 13-speaker Mark Levinson sound system.

Manufactured in Japan, the 2024 Lexus RZ is now available for purchase nationwide, providing consumers with an expanded range of options catering to different preferences and budgets.


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