Car Show Safety Tips — Everything You Need to Know

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Organizing and hosting a car show requires a lot of effort. This is mainly due to the safety aspect, which requires you to plan the car show in a way that protects everyone who attends it. After all, car shows can get quite crowded at the best of times, which is why safety is paramount. To make sure that your car show is as safe as possible, use these car show safety tips.

1.    Use Plastic Crowd Barricades

Firstly, it’s recommended you use plastic crowd barricades supplied by This way, you can control the crowd of people attending your car show, from lining routes to preventing attendees from moving into spaces they aren’t supposed to. Your crowd barricades will also prevent outsiders (who haven’t got tickets to the event) from gaining access to your car show. You don’t want a dangerous situation to unfold because too many people are in a small space.

2.    Choose a Safe Location to Host Your Car Show

These days, there are countless different locations where you can host car shows. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Parking lots
  • Empty fields
  • Golf courses

If you’re a car dealership, the best bet is to use your parking lot. However, don’t be afraid to branch out and use a different location, such as a nearby golf course, if you want to add a splash of luxury to the occasion.

Ultimately, all that matters is that you choose a safe and secure location to host your car show. Also, remember that it needs to be hosted somewhere that’s easy for people to access. If the show occurs in the middle of nowhere, you’ll find it hard to attract crowds of hundreds of people to attend.

3.    Have Food and Drink Stands

Food and drink stands are especially important if your car show is going to be held on a hot day in the summer.

While people are going around the different cars and taking pictures, there’s a strong chance that they’re going to get hungry or become dehydrated. With this in mind, you need to make sure that there’s food and drink on offer.

You can hire a third-party catering service to do this for you. Or, if it’s a small car show event, then you might be able to do it yourself with the help of staff members.

4.    Hire Security

It’s quite common for businesses and charities to hire security for their car shows. This is something that you can do, too. Simply contact an event security agency and let them know the date (or dates) that you’ll need them. The agency will then send its security workers to you so that your car show can be extra safe for attendees. Also, you won’t have to worry about any of the cars getting damaged or stolen.


Thinking about hosting a car show in the near future? Ensure that you follow all of the tips discussed in this guide to ensure your employees and attendees remain safe from start to end.


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