Driver Goes Full-Send with Toyota Corolla Crashing into Top of House

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A 2006 Toyota Corolla defied gravity in Lewistown, Pa, briefly transforming itself into a flying projectile before crashing into the second story of a residence. Fundamentally, a driver went full-send and ended up careening into the roof of a house.

It’s intriguing to consider that an unassuming Toyota Corolla could possess such an ability to land itself on the roof of a house. The Pennsylvania State Police have refrained from disclosing the exact rationale behind labeling this Sunday afternoon crash as “an intentional act.” They have not confirmed whether the 20-year-old driver had any connections to the occupants of the house. Nevertheless, the driver has been apprehended and is facing a slew of potential charges, including aggravated assault, recklessly endangering lives, and criminal mischief. Following the crash, he was transported to a hospital due to the injuries sustained.

The inhabitants of the home were present but located downstairs at the time of impact, escaping without harm. This residence, almost like a target, occupies a position opposite an expansive open field. Authorities suspect that the driver utilized a nearby culvert as a launchpad for the Corolla driver.

Moreover, remarkably, the Corolla managed to soar over the other vehicles, defying its conventional limitations.

The Junction Fire Company’s Facebook page revealed the carnage.

Source: The Washington Post


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