Infiniti QX Monograph Concept Debuts at Pebble Beach

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Infiniti looks poised to make a significant design statement during Monterey Car Week by unveiling the QX Monograph full-size SUV, offering a glimpse into the brand’s upcoming design direction. This striking concept potentially sets the stage for the next generation of the QX80, which is intended to replace the current model that has been on the market since 2011.

At the forefront of the Infiniti QX Monograph’s design is its bold and captivating aesthetic. The front end prominently showcases a forward-leaning grille featuring distinctive diagonal bars that point upwards towards the brand’s innovative new “infinite road” badge. This grille, positioned high on the SUV’s prow, is flanked by stylish low-mounted headlight units, harmoniously nestled within bumper corner vents. Adding a touch of elegance, a set of “piano key” daytime running lights runs along the leading edge of the hood, creating an animated effect inspired by the graceful motion of a bird taking flight.

The theme of the piano keys is continued at the rear of the vehicle, where a continuous LED bar spans the width of the SUV just beneath the backlight. Upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the robust light elements are composed of multiple horizontal light strips, reminiscent of the aesthetic found in synthwave sunset illustrations. Another striking feature borrowed from the new QX60 is the floating roof design, accentuated by a beveled detail tracing the rear quarter window.

While the Infiniti QX Monograph shares certain design cues like the smallish lighting elements and a double-arch grille with its modern Infiniti counterparts, it distinguishes itself with a more angular and contemporary design language. The vehicle’s surfaces exude a sense of minimalistic sophistication, yet intricate character lines, such as the pronounced center rib on the hood and the angled surface extending from the beltline, add depth and intrigue. A functional front fender vent incorporating bamboo-inspired mesh connects the SUV to its Japanese heritage, infusing a natural element into the design.

The interplay of these surface accents is particularly pronounced when the QX Monograph is bathed in varying lighting conditions. The concept is adorned with a warm silver hue named “Akane,” a six-layer paintwork that draws inspiration from the shifting shades of a sunset. As a result, the vehicle showcases tones ranging from pink to light purple and even bluish-gray, adapting to the ambient light. Adding a finishing touch to the twilight-inspired theme, red accents embellish the wheel spokes and “Monograph” badging.

The QX Monograph’s substantial dimensions and squared-off roofline establish a clear connection to the existing QX80 model, yet the concept distinguishes itself through a more modern and harmoniously integrated design. While the aesthetics are crucial, rejuvenating the aging QX80 to compete with contemporary rivals like the Cadillac Escalade and the stylish Lincoln Navigator will necessitate advancements beyond just appearance. Expectations are high for Infiniti to deliver a technologically advanced powertrain and a luxurious cabin experience for their flagship SUV.

Regarding its availability, Infiniti’s track record indicates that their Monograph concepts usually precede their production counterparts by about a year. Hence, a new QX80 model is anticipated to grace showrooms in time for the 2025 model year, aligning with the brand’s commitment to staying ahead in the automotive design landscape.


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