New Car Preview: 2024 Acura ZDX Electric SUV

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Introducing the upcoming 2024 Acura ZDX Electric SUV, a vehicle that’s generating excitement with its advanced features and performance. This electric SUV is set to make its mark with its blend of impressive specifications and sleek design cues. The 2024 Acura ZDX Electric SUV offers two primary trims: the A-Spec and the Type S, both delivering noteworthy performance and range, while maintaining a striking resemblance to the Precision EV concept.

The exterior design of the ZDX draws inspiration from the Precision concept, featuring a refined and softened version of its distinct form. The front end retains its distinctive forward-leaning stance, characterized by a sturdy main grille. The SUV showcases a floating roof, complemented by silver lower trim elements, and a cab-rearward design. Noteworthy practical enhancements include conventional door pulls and larger lower grilles to facilitate powertrain cooling. While the A-Spec and Type S variants bear a striking similarity, the Type S boasts larger 22-inch wheels compared to the A-Spec’s 20-inch wheels. Additionally, the Type S’s tires are wider at 275 mm, whereas the A-Spec features 265 mm wide tires. The top-tier ZDX Type S also offers the option of the Double Apex Blue Pearl finish from the concept or the Tiger Eye Pearl, seen in other Type S models.

Stepping into the ZDX’s interior, a notable departure from the GM products becomes evident, as the SUV presents a well-designed cabin that subtly conceals its GM roots. The interior showcases a sleek low dashboard featuring slim air vents and a pair of screens for instruments and infotainment, measuring 11 inches and 11.5 inches respectively. These screens are thoughtfully integrated behind a wraparound cowl design. A closer inspection reveals some shared components, such as the steering wheel and climate controls, which are carried over from the related Blazer EV, a detail that doesn’t necessarily detract from the overall experience.

Setting itself apart from GM offerings, Acura introduces wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration, alongside an array of Google Built-In apps. An 18-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system comes as standard, providing a premium audio experience. Cutting-edge technology features prominently in the ZDX, including rear emergency braking with rear cross-traffic and pedestrian detection, blind-spot monitoring with steering assist, automatic parallel parking, and hands-free highway driving assist, akin to GM’s Super Cruise technology.

Under the surface, the A-Spec trim breaks from Acura’s front-wheel-drive tradition, instead adopting a rear-wheel-drive configuration. Equipped with a single rear motor generating 340 horsepower, it also offers the option of a dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrain with similar output. The A-Spec features a multi-link independent suspension with fixed shocks and springs as standard.

For those seeking high-performance, the Type S offers a thrilling experience. With 500 horsepower distributed to all four wheels through a pair of electric motors, the Type S takes driving dynamics to the next level. Its suspension is upgraded to a height-adjustable air-spring and adaptive shock setup, accompanied by larger wheels, wider tires, and enhanced front brakes with Brembo 6-piston calipers. An option for summer performance tires further enhances the Type S’s driving capabilities.

Regardless of the chosen trim, the ZDX is powered by a 102-kWh battery pack, complemented by an onboard charger capable of delivering 190 kW of DC fast charging. It’s worth noting that the range varies based on the trim and powertrain selection. The rear-wheel-drive A-Spec boasts an estimated range of 325 miles, while the all-wheel-drive version achieves around 315 miles. The Type S, due to its higher performance orientation, offers a slightly reduced range of 288 miles.

Enthusiasts and environmentally-conscious consumers alike can look forward to the ZDX’s availability for pre-order later this year. Acura is offering flexible purchasing options, allowing customers to buy online or through dealerships. The brand is also stepping up the convenience factor by assisting buyers in finding suitable home chargers and installers. An accompanying app will streamline payments for various EV charging networks when using public charging stations. Acura anticipates deliveries of the ZDX Electric SUV to commence the following year. While final pricing details are pending, the A-Spec trim is projected to fall within the $60,000 range, with the Type S variant slightly higher, around $70,000.


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