Kia Rio Discontinued in US After 2023 Model Year

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2023 Kia Rio

In a move that marks the end of an era for budget-conscious car shoppers in the United States, Kia has officially bid farewell to its subcompact Rio. The decision to discontinue the Rio was confirmed through Automotive News, signaling that the 2023 model year would be its last on American shores. This decision aligns with a trend in the automotive industry, mirroring a similar move made by Hyundai when they removed the Accent from their lineup following the 2022 model year.

The demise of the Kia Rio is reflective of the evolving preferences of American car buyers, who have increasingly gravitated towards crossovers and SUVs in recent years. As sedan sales dwindle, automakers are adjusting their portfolios to cater to the growing demand for larger, more versatile vehicles. In contrast to this somber news, the compact Forte sedan will remain in Kia’s lineup, providing customers with a more spacious alternative.

Kia’s strategy in the US market has undergone simplification in recent times, with the discontinuation of other sedans, such as the Cadenza, K900, and even the sporty Stinger getting a farewell bid this year.
While the Kia Rio may no longer be available in the US, the company is not leaving budget-conscious buyers without options. Kia has introduced the next-generation K3, which serves as a direct replacement for the Rio but is marketed under a somewhat confusing moniker. In the past, the K3 name had been used for the Forte, but it has now been repurposed to signify the Rio Sedan’s successor in other markets.


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