Volkswagen ID.X Performance Concept Gives Us a Picture of Future Performance EV Sedans

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Volkswagen is making a bold leap into the world of high-performance electric vehicles with its latest concept car, aptly named the ID.X Performance. Building upon the ID.7 sedan platform, the ID.X Performance is a visual departure from its more ordinary counterpart, embracing a decidedly aggressive aesthetic.

Up front, the ID.X Performance showcases a dramatic transformation, featuring a prominent black grille at the bumper’s base, flanked by matching vents on either side. The vehicle also boasts a carbon fiber diffuser and eye-catching red accents reminiscent of VW’s sporty GTI models, adorning the entire body. Chunky black plastic envelops the wheel wells, housing impressive 20-inch sport alloy wheels wrapped in specialized racing rubber.

Moving to the rear, a massive rear spoiler perches atop the trunk lid, enhancing aerodynamics and contributing to the car’s sporty appearance. Another carbon fiber diffuser graces the lower rear bumper, accompanied by the same striking red trim that accentuates the front and sides. Notably, the ID.X Performance concept sits 2.4 inches (60 millimeters) lower than the conventional ID.7, further emphasizing its performance-oriented stance.

Underneath the hood, the ID.X concept relies on Volkswagen’s versatile MEB architecture, a foundation shared with most of the company’s modern electric vehicles. Powering the ID.X Performance are two electric motors, delivering an impressive combined output of 550 horsepower (411 kilowatts). Furthermore, like its ID.7 counterpart, the concept boasts a fast-charging capability, allowing for a quick recharge with a capacity of 200 kilowatts.

While there’s no official confirmation regarding the production prospects of the ID.X Performance concept, Volkswagen has tantalizingly hinted at a more potent variant of the ID.7 GTX. This forthcoming model promises to offer even more aggressive styling elements, improved aerodynamics, and potentially increased power, ensuring an exciting future for VW’s performance EV lineup.

In the meantime, enthusiasts and onlookers can catch a glimpse of the ID.X Performance concept at the international ID. Treffen show, held in Locarno, Switzerland, until September 9. This showcase provides a tantalizing preview of Volkswagen’s commitment to the future of high-performance electric sedans, hinting at what could be an exhilarating and electrifying driving experience in the years to come.


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