Next-Generation BMW M3 Based on Neue Klasse Platform Will be EV in 2027 Sold Beside ICE M3

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BMW is preparing to introduce the next-generation BMW M3 on the Neue Klasse platform, slated for release as an electric vehicle (EV) in 2027. This news, though not yet 100% confirmed, seems mostly official as BMW boss Frank van Meel told the Austrian outlet ‘Drive‘ recently. The move towards an all-electric M3 was hinted at by BMW’s top executives in various interviews.

Frank van Meel expressed their intent to create a pure electric M3 in June, stating, “Of course, we’re trying to make [the next M3] happen as pure electric.” Later, in August, van Meel elaborated further, emphasizing that an electric M3 must not only meet emission standards but also deliver the iconic driving experience associated with the M series. Subsequently, Frank Weber, BMW’s production head, unequivocally confirmed the next M3’s electric nature, stating, “the next M3 will be battery-electric, fully battery-electric.”

For enthusiasts of traditional internal combustion engines (ICE), there’s good news as well. The existing M3’s 3.0-liter straight-six engine, known as the S58, will be updated to comply with future emissions regulations. Frank Weber assured that BMW would enhance this engine to meet Euro 7 standards, ensuring its presence alongside the electric M3. Weber emphasized the necessity of offering both ICE and EV solutions in the market.

The technical details of the upcoming electric M3 remain speculative, but the potential is promising. BMW has showcased a quad-motor powertrain prototype capable of producing an impressive one megawatt of combined power, equivalent to around 1,341 American horsepower. The Neue Klasse platform, designed for flexibility with front-, rear-, and all-wheel-drive configurations, is equipped to accommodate four motors, providing the possibility of achieving such extraordinary output. The platform’s new Heart of Joy electronics architecture, managed by a single Electronic Control Unit (ECU), promises rapid communication and dynamic response, potentially improving handling by up to ten times compared to the current multiple ECU system.

Furthermore, BMW is planning to create a more authentic and engaging sound profile for its electric vehicles, moving away from the synthetic soundtracks used in its current electric lineup, possibly providing a more traditional and visceral auditory experience for enthusiasts.

While expectations for a 1,000-horsepower electric M3 may be far-fetched, BMW’s executives are committed to delivering groundbreaking Neue Klasse products that could surprise even the most skeptical enthusiasts. The Neue Klasse platform’s debut will commence with the next-gen iX3 crossover and i3 sedan in 2025, with the M3 anticipated to follow shortly after the commencement of 3 Series production and expected to hit the market around 2027. Reports suggest the M3 EV may offer approximately 700 horsepower, combining BMW’s iconic M performance with electric propulsion in the next chapter of the legendary M3 series.


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