Mini Debuts 2025 Mini Countryman E Destined for U.S.

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In a sneak peek of the future, Mini unveiled its 2025 Mini Countryman E, making waves at the Munich Motor Show by showcasing the electric SE ALL4 variant. However, it’s now time for the base E version of the next-generation Countryman to make its debut on American soil.

At first glance, the base E Mini Countryman, resplendent in a striking green hue, stands apart from its SE ALL4 sibling. Gone are the gold-tinged accents, replaced by sleek glossy black elements. The distinctive panel aft of the C-pillar seamlessly integrates with the surrounding black-painted trim, resulting in a more understated aesthetic. The front grille design remains somewhat similar, but it no longer boasts the matte gold frame or the side intakes found on the corners of the lower bumper. The absence of the green “S” badge contributes to an overall less sporty appearance.

Perhaps the most significant departure from its SE counterpart is the smaller and less flashy wheel design. Instead of the eye-catching 20-inch blades seen on the SE model, the Countryman E sports more modest 18-inch wheels with a classic bright alloy finish. This alteration not only enhances the vehicle’s aesthetics but also gives it a more substantial, crossover-like presence. The larger wheel option is undeniably more visually appealing.

Moving to the rear, the Countryman E’s design largely mirrors that of the SE version, with a minor change in the lower bumper’s finish, which now features a painted insert in place of brushed brightwork. The distinctive bright side sills, characteristic of Mini, are notably absent on the E model, replaced by a straightforward black plastic sill.

Regrettably, this reveal primarily comprises images, with limited additional information available. Mini has divulged that the electric Countryman will make its way to the United States in the fall of 2024, meaning enthusiasts and potential buyers will have to exercise patience for at least another year before parking one in their driveways. Detailed specifications and further information for the U.S. market are anticipated to be disclosed in due course, adding to the excitement surrounding this forthcoming addition to Mini’s electric lineup.


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